Olivia 4 - Watercolor
Olivia 4  - Watercolor 14 x 21 - $770.00

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It’s a delight to interpret what I consider to be the essence of ideas, things and places that are of interest to me, whether real or imagined.  Working with ideas and things that have exceptional visual value and sometimes ideas and things that are virtually valueless but visually and thought provokingly interesting. To stimulate the sense of sight in an artistic way and to express these things and ideas in a style befitting the subject matter.


Many of my paintings are created in a way to bring vertical eye movement and added visual stimulation to what otherwise might be horizontally dominant and sedentary. Essentially I work large areas of color in order to establish the overall composition then break these areas into vertical shapes adding “stress” and “release”, next color relationships are played into these shapes to further describe the subject matter and/or narrative.

I call this “Prismism.”

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